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Spanjer Chemicals Ltd
Unit 27, Bolney Grange Business Park
Stairbridge Lane
Bolney, West Sussex. RH17 5PB
Partnership & Skills

Whilst more and more of our competitors are taking their products directly to market, we believe we can provide the end user the greatest value by delivering our products through our equipment partners.

Our close working partnership with equipment manufacturers has enabled us to formulate and produce chemicals which compliment the ever changing innovative operating applications of the equipment, and deliver the optimum performance with the various types of brush material.

Whilst in some cases we do supply direct to market, it is only with the full knowledge and support of our equipment partners, ensuring the best possible service is provided to the customer on a national basis.

Expertise and Range

The comprehensive technical experience of our chemists has enabled us to develop and add several new, advanced formulas to the product range, including a specialty selection of shampoos, foams, wax emulsions and traffic film removers for both the car and commercial automatic washing sector.

We also offer a range of biocides and a flocculent for water treatment in reclaim systems, wash bay descalers, specialist cleaners for forecourt cleaning, alongside a range of fragrances and general ancillary products. Car Preparation Chemicals, Industrial Hand Cleansers, Aerosols and Promotional Retail Wipes have also now been incorporated.

Dedicated to industry led progression, Spanjer is currently developing new sanitising detergents for use with high pressure equipment and for industrial floor cleaning machines.