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Spanjer Chemicals Ltd
Unit 27, Bolney Grange Business Park
Stairbridge Lane
Bolney, West Sussex. RH17 5PB

Tested Quality & Environmental Responsibility

As part of our commitment to providing only superior quality products to our customers, we ensure that every product only becomes available once is has been thoroughly tested to meet our high commercial standards. To help ensure consistently high quality, all of our products are produced in line with ISO 9001 quality standards from the point of production right through to distribution.

Alongside our dedication to quality, Spanjer are also committed to minimising the impact made upon the environment – a commitment which effects our selection of raw materials, and is a key factor in the composition of our formulas, and which has ensured that most of our products are fully biodegradable, and that the packaging we use is always 100% recyclable. In the last ten years we have also formulated and supplied many hydrocarbon and mineral oil -free waxes, ensuring that our products meet the wider European Environmental Standards.