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       Rinse Aids
       Traffic Film Removers
       Water Recycling Products
       Acid Cleaners /
       Descalers & Water Softners
     Air Freshener Liquid Concentrates
     Car Ancillaries
     Car Valeting Chemicals
     Hand Cleansers

Spanjer Chemicals Ltd
Unit 27, Bolney Grange Business Park
Stairbridge Lane
Bolney, West Sussex. RH17 5PB

Own Label Services

Spanjer offers its customers a strictly confidential, white label service. We formulate, produce and supply the products, and will then pack and distribute them as your own brand. This popular service enables our distribution partners to supply a wide range of high quality products under the banner of their own brand, increasing the power of their label, and broadening their share of the market.

Manufacturing and Distribution

Spanjer’s flexible manufacturing facility enables us to produce bespoke products in 1000lt and 20,000lt batch quantities, whilst products are available in packing sizes of between 1, 5, 10, 25, 200 and 1000lt. Bulk distribution can be arranged prior to re-distribution by the client, or we can distribute in smaller
quantities direct to any specified site.